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Keys To Turfgrasses And Turfgrass Weeds

North Carolina State University
An interactive online key for grasses, broadleaf weeds and sedges in turfgrass

Michigan State University
An interactive online key for grass and broadleaf weeds in turf

Purdue University
A number of resources including keys on grass ID, information on IPM

University of California - Davis
Interactive online keys and other turf information.

Michigan State University
Key and fact sheets

High Plains IPM Guide
Fact sheets and fungicide table

Colorado State University
“Vegetative Identification Key for Turfgrasses and Grassy Weeds” – a printable 4 page key.

The Center for IPM, North Carolina State University
“Key to Turf Insects” – a printable key that is linked to fact sheets.  Illustrated but no photographs.

University of Kentucky
Most comprehensive and up-to-date information on fungicides and turf diseases